Board Members 2015-2016


Morningside Campus:  Ju YangGabriella SanguinetiAngie Patterson
CUMC Campus: Ruth Singer & Sarah Kleinstein

The WISC co-presidents oversee all events and activities. This includes the budget, calendar, general and officer meetings. Co-presidents are also responsible for recruiting people to be members of the board. The general email for the co-presidents is

Morningside Campus:


CUMC Campus:


  • Networking Chair: Danielle Matsushima
  • Academic Career Development Chair: Claudia Becerra
  • Professional Career Development Chair: Gina DeStefano
  • Outreach Chair: Katherine Xu
  • Post-doc Affairs Co-Chairs: Kalynda Gonzales & Nitzan Soffer 
  • Fellowship Workshops Chair: Elizabeth Millings

Want to get involved and apply for an open position? Apply here.
For more information about positions and their responsibilities, check out the job manual here.

Email us at if you have any additional questions. 


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