Self-Defense Workshop


A one-hour beginner’s level workshop designed to teach women basic skills to help protect themselves. We don’t think the world is something to be afraid of, but we do have a lot of pent-up aggression. Come learn how to escape grasps, break noses, and other ladylike activities.

Time: 7-8pm

Date: Tuesday, October 29

Location: 7th floor lounge, Havemeyer Hall, Morningside Campus.

Space is limited so please RSVP for entry: Register here!

We will keep a waiting list. If you must cancel, please change your reservation well in advance. We do not want to hold a class for six people. 

The instructor is from International Krav Maga, a studio on W 100th St and Broadway.From IKM’s website:

The goal of our self defense classes is to keep you safe, secure, and protected when facing dangerous situations. We believe that acquiring the skill to defend one’s self through Krav Maga self defense classes will help save lives and prevent injury. Our Krav Maga NYC classes are aimed towards those who want to take control of their lives and gain the combat skills necessary to handle any violent situations that may occur.

Funded through the Graduate Student Advisory Council