WISC/Accenture Internship Resume Review Workshop

WISC is hosting an Accenture recruiting event for their Technology and Systems Integration Analyst Internship. Come learn more about Accenture and their summer internship opportunities. An information session about Accenture will be presented, followed by a resume review workshop. 

This event is limited to master’s students in engineering/computer science/MIS/IT or with technical experience/interest. This event is not open to PhD students. Business casual attire is suggested.  To complete your registration for this event, you must complete the eventbrite (WISCAccenture2014.eventbrite.com) and send your resume to wisc.group@gmail.com.  You must also apply for the position online at careers.accenture.com/jobs and search for job number 00224136. Your resume can be updated after the workshop.

Date: Monday, February 10th
Time: 1:00 – 3:00pm
Location: Fairchild Building, Room 900
Registration: WISCAccenture2014.eventbrite.com, send your resume to wisc.group@gmail.com, apply online at careers.accenture.com/jobs –  job number 00224136
Notes: This position and event is open to master’s students in engineering/computer science/MIS/IT or with technical experience/interest

Bring your talent and passion to a global organization at the forefront of business, technology and innovation. At Accenture, we appreciate that you have worked hard for your degree. We invite you to discover how great you can be as you put your degree to work delivering tangible value for some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. Join our technology team as a paid summer intern and collaborate with diverse, talented colleagues and leaders who support your success.

From the development of IT strategy to the optimization, management and security of the underlying infrastructure, applications and data, you may have the opportunity to impact our clients’ success with your contribution. Whether you have specific programming experience or strong business and analytical skills, you can be greater than you imagined with an internship at Accenture.