Sherry Marts Workshops

Two Workshops led by S*Marts Consulting Founder Sherry Marts

The workshop is being cosponsored by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and Women in Science at Columbia (WISC).

#1) Step Up: Build Confidence and Get Comfortable with Self-Promotion

Date: Thursday, May 7th 2015
Time: 2:00PM–3:30PM
Location: Hamilton Hall, Room 516, Morningside Campus

Limited Registration!:

The workshop will focus on how trainees can develop and enhance their self-confidence, overcome impostor syndrome, and change limiting beliefs. The workshop will also cover how trainees can use self-promotion as a part of a strategy for achieving their personal mission as well as how trainees can uncover and get over internalized taboos and prohibitions against self-promotion.
#2) Just Say No: How to Reduce Stress, Create Ease, and Still Get It All Done

Date: Friday, May 8th 2015
Time: 11:00AM–12:30 PM
Location: Hammer Health Sciences Building, room LL205, CUMC

Limited Registration!!:

The workshop will focus on the basics of how trainees can begin reducing stress, including how one can give up on work-life balance and go for overall satisfaction instead. The workshop will delve into how one can get over the “shoulds,” figure out what they really want, and reveal their authentic self. Trainees will learn how to say “No” to what they don’t want, say “Yes” to what they do want, and give up being “nice” in favor of being kind (to others and to themselves). The workshop will also discuss the formula for effective communication: simple, clear, honest, and direct.

The workshops will be led by Sherry A. Marts, Ph.D., the CEO of S*Marts Consulting, LLC. Sherry received her B.Sc. (Hons.) in Applied Biology from the University of Hertfordshire, and her Ph.D. in Physiology from Duke University. She has a wide-ranging background in biomedical research, regulatory affairs, nonprofit management, public education, and advocacy. Through S*Marts Consulting, she offers executive and career coaching with an emphasis on career and leadership development for women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Dr. Marts is an experienced mentor, a Radical Honesty™ coach, and meditation teacher. She is co-author (with Raven Dana) of The Book of How: Creating the Life You Want. She is an expert speaker and workshop leader with a lively personality and sense of humor.

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