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January 27, 2018

Risky Business: The Future of Biopharmaceutical Innovation

This half-day workshop is directed at graduate students, postdocs, and others with an interest in understanding the innovation dynamics of the biopharmaceutical industry. It will provide a snapshot of how investment decisions are taken–beating competitors to a lucrative deal–and the challenges the industry faces. Using a competitive board game that has been developed specifically to mimic the pharmaceutical industry past and present, participants will take on the role of an executive team of a mid-size company. As a management team, they will develop, execute, alter their strategy in response to successes and failures, and pounce on the missed opportunities of others. At the end of the workshop, the winning team will be invited to share their strategy. Major lessons learned and key questions for the future will be summarized and opened for discussion.

Using a uniquely immersive and playful format, this workshop will guide you through the industry’s past and present, and invite you to ponder the possibilities that lie in the future. Join a diverse group of participants across industry, academia, and healthcare to explore the “risky business” of the biopharmaceutical industry!

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February 24, 2018

Introductory Coding for Researchers

This workshop, facilitated by Software Carpentry, aims to teach scientists and researchers the basic computing concepts and skills that will help them analyze large scale datasets, and let them get more done in less time with less effort. This two-day curriculum shows participants how to automate repetitive tasks with the Unix shell, how to grow a program from a few lines to a few hundred using Python or R, and how to track and share their work using Git. Lessons alternate with hands-on practical sessions, and instructors, who are all working scientists, draw on their own experience to show how these ideas are useful in real-world situations.

The aim of Software Carpentry is to teach researchers the fundamental skills that will help them be more productive while producing work of higher quality. We do that by teaching two day workshops, where students learn how to automate tasks using the Unix shell, how to track and share work using version control, and how to write software in Python or R, that is readable, reusable, and reliable.

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