External Events

Person Place Thing and 500 Women Scientists – Interview Series at KGB Bar

June 5

The public radio program Person Place Thing in conjunction with the group 500 Women Scientists, is about to launch a series of interview shows with – well yes – women scientists, live on stage, with live music, at KGB Bar. Even better, our first guest got her PhD at Columbia.  Here’s the lineup:

Astrophysicist Sarah Pearson

Her research focuses on galactic dynamics including stellar streams, the galactic bar, and interacting dwarf galaxies. She has also worked on supernova remnants.  Wednesday, February 6.

Geophysicist Einat Lev
The main goal of her research is to improve the tools volcanologist use to understand lava and magma, and how they flow inside and outside volcanoes. Wednesday, April 3.

Microbiologist Davida Smith
She studies Staphylococcus aureus from animals and humans, and the role of the built environment and anthropogenic activity in driving antibiotic resistance. Wednesday, June 5.

Here’s the event page where people can get a ticket.

GSAS Writing Studio

The new GSAS Writing Studio is open to all dissertation writers at any stage of their dissertation (including thesis proposal and prelim writing), including STEM students.

This semester they’re offering a number of writing groups and events, all run by fellow graduate students trained specifically in supporting writers in all fields. They also offer 1-on-1 writing consultations with their trained consultants, to help you with any issue you might be having, and rooms that can be reserved for dissertation related group work. Upcoming events include:

Science And Writing Group

First and third Friday’s of the month, 10:00am – 12:00pm.
Set some time aside specifically for writing with other science PhD students. Let by a GSAS Writing Studio consultant, this biweekly writing group is designed to provide light structure and support to STEM PhD’s at any stage of their dissertation, including over an hour of dedicated writing time. The group will be held in the GSAS Writing Studio, 319M Lehman Library, Room A, starting Friday, February 1st.

Register for the group here