Expectations of Department Representatives

Department representatives play a huge role in helping WISC advertise their events to the Columbia community.

The guidelines below outline the expectations WISC has for their department representatives. Please be aware that if department representatives are not fulfilling their responsibilities, WISC can remove them from the position and recruit someone else.


1) Requests for advertising events will come directly from both the WISC co-presidents as well as board members and event chairs who are in charge of advertising their events. We ask that you honor their requests.  You should only be asked to forward event information one time per event.

2) Requests to forward emails will come from the WISC mailing list program. The email subject will include the statement “Please forward to dept”. Please remove this portion from the subject line and forward the email as is to your departments.

3) Requests to flyer will come from the WISC gmail account as attachments. If requested to flyer for events, we expect that you print and post flyers in your department. Each department has their own postering policy and if each department post flyers individually, it takes much less time.

4) If there is some reason why you feel you should not forward event announcements or post flyers for an event, please let the co-chairs know immediately.

5) You may be asked for department specific information from the WISC co-presidents to help with either event organizing, fundraising, or other aspects of WISC. As the link to your individual department, we expect that you respond or refer us to additional information. This kind of help is absolutely vital to smooth operations of WISC and WISC events.

6) You may bring department-related suggestions and concerns to WISC. We are a diverse group of people and it can be difficult to know what specific departments would like to see from us if their members do not vocalize them. We strongly encourage the department representatives to give their feedback to WISC so we can continue to improve the group for as many people as possible.