Special Event Chairs

Our special event chairs help coordinate our most exciting events for the Columbia and local community, such as Girls’ Science Day, Science Saturday Starters, our annual Graduate Student Research Symposium, and more!

For more information on how to get involved with these events as an event chair or as integral member of our volunteer team, please email us at wisc.group@gmail.com.

Girls’ Science Day Hannah Rabinowitz, Owen Im, Celia Eddy
Graduate Student Research Symposium Bita Alaghebandan
Science Saturday Starters Felisa Shai, Cassie Gail Meeker, Gillie Ben-Chorin, Janeska De Jonge, Jonathan Lovas, Allison PalmElizabeth Min
Ask a Professor Series Catherine O’Keefe

Are there any workshops you’d like to host? Any speakers you’d love to hear? Let us know!