STEM Starters

About Us:

STEM Starters is an outreach program run by Columbia University graduate students who are passionate about teaching kids science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Every month, we invite middle school and high school students to join us for an afternoon of experiments in a particular field of science. This program is a collaboration between The Zuckerman Institute and Women in Science at Columbia (WISC), and is supported by funding from the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology and the Avantor Foundation.

We want to inspire everyone’s inner scientist by showing that science is all around us and that exploring the world through STEM is really fun! From demonstrating how electronic circuits work to exploring animal behavior, we encourage students to engage scientifically with their world.

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Information for Volunteers:

STEM Starters is always looking for volunteers to help us with our programs. Whether you want to plan, teach, or just hang out with kids, we’d love to have your support!  We gladly welcome people and ideas from all fields of science, applied sciences, engineering, and mathematics. Join our volunteer mailing list here!

STEM Starters is flexible with different levels of involvement from volunteers. Undergrads, Grad students, and Postdocs are all equally welcome to be involved. Alternatively, if you have ideas for teaching science or can point us to great teaching resources, we’d also appreciate it!  Interested volunteers should email us ( to receive information about meetings and events.

Our next event:

March 21st, 2019: Neuroscience Day [CANCELLED]

Unfortunately, due to the unfolding situation concerning COVID-19 and per the University’s directive, STEM Starters events will be canceled until further notice. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to events in the future!

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Past Events:


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